Love For Singing

If you have a love for singing, it doesn’t matter what your ability level is, you should continue doing it whether you are a novice, a professional or even if you are really bad! If it gives you pleasure, then don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, do it for yourself. Whether you sing in the shower or on a massive stage in front of thousands, singing brings joy. If you are tone deaf it may not bring joy to those around you but at least it brings joy to you so don’t stop.

Online Lessons

Everyone who sings has limitations, therefore lessons are not wasted on anybody and you can only move forward once you begin. Unlike a few years ago, now there are many online programs to assist you in all sorts of areas in your singing. Technology has come such a long way and these programs go further than you might imagine. If you have a love for singing that needs to expand, I strongly suggest having a look at some of these programs.

These are the worlds highest rating singing help software programs available today

The best thing about these singing programs is that you can practice and learn within the comfort of your own home. Many people are embarrassed to sing even in front of one other person, especially a teacher, who is obviously an expert on the subject. Now you can build your confidence in a room with your computer and not have to worry about judgmental ears listening to your efforts.

One program that comes highly recommended is Singorama. Check this program out because millions of people around the world can’t be wrong and it is being downloaded at a phenomenal rate. There are many others too and it depends on your personal preference. For a list of the top programs you can go to my singing software programs page.

Record a CD

Years ago it would have cost thousands of dollars to record a single CD in a studio, but thanks again to technology, there are numerous programs available that will do this for you and the best thing is, many of them are absolutely free! So why not take your passion for singing to another level and record yourself.

You don’t even have to be a musician because you can record straight to backing tracks that you can also get for free. Personally, as a professional singer I have recently discovered a great site that has awesome customizable backing tracks of a really good quality for a couple of bucks each. Trust me, I have been using tracks for 15 years and nothing comes close to the value and quality of these guys. Take a look at you simply won’t find better.

Here you can automatically include or exclude individual tracks like lead vocals, guitar lines, drum tracks etc. Anything you want you just customize and then sing your lead vocal over the top and wham! There’s your CD. How easy is that?

Once you learn how to create a CD, (which really isn’t difficult at all), you can do it until your heart is content. You could even use that for gifts for the family and friends or even create a demo CD to send off to record companies at a price less than it would cost to buy a CD. What are you waiting for?

The Whole Picture

I, like you, have a love for singing that will be with me forever. This will never change and if your passion for singing is merely to help you enjoy a shower, then it is a great skill to have. You don’t need to learn or improve if you are happy with what you currently get out of it. But if you have even a slight ability to sing, then the possibilities are endless and the joy of learning and discovering what your voice can do is an exciting feeling. So if you have been contemplating this for some time, or friends have been saying you should do more, then there has never been a better or easier time to learn, improve and feed your love for singing.