Increase Vocal Range

Welcome to my vocal instruction site. I have been a professional singer for over 15 years and have learned many techniques which I would like to share with you. I want to put a face behind the words so as a full time singing professional, I go by the name The Dinner Singer. Please have a look and a listen at my personal website here and if you like the style then hopefully I can gain your confidence in what I can offer. All you have to do is follow the advice within the pages of this vocal instruction site and you can be well on your way to improving your vocals and becoming a professional singer yourself. It’s nice to have you onboard.

Increase Your Vocal Range

If you want to increase your vocal range, you are in the same position as most other singers.  Although everyone may have a similar dream only some actually have the drive to practice and follow tips to realize their goal.  Some people make the mistake of straining their voice because they feel as though that is the only way to reach those high notes.  Unfortunately, all this does is cause frustration, pain and injury. The first thing to understand is that everyone has two functioning ranges.  The voice that you typically speak in is your chest voice and the other is called your head voice.  In men, this is also commonly referred to as falsetto.  This is the high voice that reaches those magical notes that everyone wants to sing.  The key to reaching these notes and increasing your vocal range is to learn to connect the two voices which ultimately gives you your mixed voice.

Find Your Chest Voice

The easiest way to find your chest voice is to speak your name and then sing it on the same note or in the same area.  Use the same voice and sing the same word increasingly higher and then lower.  Experiment with it to find the perimeters of this range and you will increase your vocal range with practice.

Find Your Head Voice

Talk as though you were speaking to a baby or a puppy in a high voice.  This is actually your head voice.  Finding this level and becoming comfortable with it is an important key to increase your vocal range.  You may feel kind of silly speaking and then singing in this way at first until you perfect the sound but you will become comfortable with it after awhile.

Connect The Voices

The key to increase your vocal range is to start by singing a comfortable syllable in your chest voice and then try to imagine your voice actually spinning around high in your mouth.  Keep your tone even and light and open your mouth up a little further.  Breathe deep into your diaphragm and increase the level of this note more and more until you are transitioning effortlessly.

Vocal Considerations

Never attempt to work on your vocal range unless you have properly warmed up.  These are very exhausting voice exercises that you cannot expect to excel at if your voice is not fully prepared to work.  It is also extremely important that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If at any time you are doing exercises to increase your vocal range and you feel pain, stop singing.  Never strain your voice and remember it should  not hurt to sing.

Increase Your Vocal Range